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Cost-Effectiveness of Two Dry Needling Interventions for Plantar Heel Pain A Secondary Analysis of an RCT

Plantar heel pain is a common cause of foot pain that affects patients’ quality of life and represents a significant cost for the healthcare system. Dry needling and percutaneous needle electrolysis are two minimally invasive treatments that were shown to be effective for the management of plantar heel pain. The aim of our study was to compare these two treatments in terms of health and economic consequences based on the results of a published randomized controlled trial. For this, we evaluat...

Muscle Tone and Body Weight Predict Uphill Race Time in Amateur Trail Runners

Background: Vertical kilometer is an emerging sport where athletes continuously run uphill. The aims of this study were to assess changes in vertical impacts caused by uphill running (UR) and the relation between the anthropometric and lower limb muscular characteristics with speed. Methods: Ten male experienced runners (35 +/- 7 years old) participated in this study. In the racetrack (4.2 km long, 565 m high), seven sections were stablished. Mean speed and impact value of sections with simil...

Is There a Relationship between the Morphology of Connective Tissue and Reactivity during a Drop Jump Influence of Sex and Athletic Performance Level

The influence of the morphologic characteristics of connective tissue, which plays an essential role during sports activities, on sporting tasks needs further research given the controversial findings reported in the literature. This study aimed at examining the relationship between lower limb connective tissue morphology and drop jump reactivity and determining the influence of sex and athletic performance level. A total of 30 men and 14 women, runners, executed 6 drop jumps (3 20 cm ...

Entre la aceptación de la inmigración y la amenza identitaria. El reflejo en la prensa de los discursos políticos sobre la inmigración durante las elecciones al parlamento de España en abril de 2019

Este trabajo estudia los discursos políticos que sobre la inmigración reflejaron una muestra de ocho periódicos de alcance nacional y regional durante el mes anterior a las elecciones generales celebradas el 28 de abril de 2019. El objetivo es analizar los discursos enunciados por los distintos actores políticos, prestando especial atención a los encuadres principales desde los que los medios y sus fuentes enfocan sus mensajes. Para el análisis de contenido realizado sobre l...