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Título : Attack and Defense Performance in Goalball: A Proposal for Throwing, Balance and Acoustic Reaction Evaluation
Autor: Bataller-Cervero, Ana Vanessa ORCID SCOPUSID
Bascuas, Pablo Jesús ORCID SCOPUSID
Rabal-Pelay, Juan ORCID SCOPUSID
Gutiérrez, Héctor SCOPUSID
Piedrafita, Eduardo SCOPUSID
Berzosa Sánchez, César ORCID SCOPUSID
Palabras clave : Goalball; Balance; Ball velocity; Accuracy test; Stabilometry; Core stability; Acousticreaction time
Fecha de publicación: ago-2022
Citación : Bataller-Cervero, A.V.;Bascuas, P.J.; Rabal-Pelay, J.;Gutiérrez, H.; Piedrafita, E.; Berzosa,C. Attack and Defense Performancein Goalball: A Proposal for Throwing,Balance and Acoustic ReactionEvaluation.Biology2022,11, 1234.https://doi.org/10.3390/biology11081234
Resumen : Simple Summary Goalball is a dynamic sport for visually impaired people, where attack and defense situations alternate during the game. In attack situations, the throwing performance could be dependent on several variables such as the anthropometry, the core stability, or the balance of the athletes. In defense situations, the reaction time to an acoustic stimulus could be also considered as a performance factor. All these variables have been analyzed in this pilot study assessing the ball velocity and accuracy in throwing, analyzing the relationship with the previous parameters. New evaluation tests have been proposed in this research, suggesting a more specific evaluation test battery for this sport. Goalball is a sport for visually impaired athletes, where the roles of attack and defense change continuously during the game. Performance evaluation should consider the variables that determine the throwing and the stop and clearance of the ball. The aim of this study is to evaluate the precision and velocity of the ball throwing in goalball, besides core stability and balance as variables that determine an optimal throwing. Moreover, a novel acoustic reaction time is applied to analyze the defense performance. Eight goalball players (33 +/- 9 years old; 77.8 +/- 22.7 kg; 174 +/- 13 cm; 10 +/- 5 years of experience) were recruited to assess ball velocity, with a radar gun, and throwing accuracy. Anthropometry, static balance, and core stability were assessed using a computerized pressure platform. Acoustic reaction time was measured with a photoelectric system. A significant positive correlation was found between throwing speed and the years of experience ( = 0.714, p = 0.047), height ( = 0.786, p = 0.021), dominant leg surface area of the stabilogram ( = 0.738, p = 0.037), and non-dominant leg center of pressure mean velocity ( = 0.714, p = 0.017). In the present pilot study, height and years of experience are correlated to throwing velocity. This is also the first test proposal to assess throwing precision and complex acoustic reaction in goalball players, which could be used to assess the level of performance in future studies.
URI : https://repositorio.usj.es/handle/123456789/870
ISSN : 2079-7737
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