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dc.contributor.authorRuiz-Malagón, Emilio J.-
dc.contributor.authorGarcía-Pinillos, Felipe-
dc.contributor.authorMolina-Molina, Alejandro-
dc.contributor.authorSoto-Hermoso, Víctor Manuel-
dc.contributor.authorRuiz-Alias, Santiago-
dc.identifier.citationRuiz-Malagón, E.J.; García-Pinillos, F.; Molina-Molina, A.; Soto-Hermoso, V.M.; Ruiz-Alias, S.A. RunScribe Sacral Gait Lab™ Validation for Measuring Pelvic Kinematics during Human Locomotion at Different Speeds. Sensors 2023, 23, 2604. https://
dc.description.abstractOptoelectronic motion capture systems are considered the gold standard for measuring walking and running kinematics parameters. However, these systems prerequisites are not feasible for practitioners as they entail a laboratory environment and time to process and calculate the data. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the validity of the three-sensor RunScribe Sacral Gait Lab™ inertial measurement unit (IMU) in measuring pelvic kinematics in terms of vertical oscillation, tilt, obliquity, rotational range of motion, and the maximum angular rates during walking and running on a treadmill. Pelvic kinematic parameters were measured simultaneously using an eight-camera motion analysis system (Qualisys Medical AB, GÖTEBORG, Sweden) and the three-sensor RunScribe Sacral Gait Lab™ (Scribe Lab. Inc. San Francisco, CA, USA) in a sample of 16 healthy young adults. An acceptable level of agreement was considered if the following criteria were met: low bias and SEE (<0.2 times the between-subject differences SD), almost perfect (r > 0.90), and good reliability (ICC > 0.81). The results obtained reveal that the three-sensor RunScribe Sacral Gait Lab™ IMU did not reach the validity criteria established for any of the variables and velocities tested. The results obtained therefore show significant differences between the systems for the pelvic kinematic parameters measured during both walking and running.en_US
dc.format.extent8 p.en_US
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectVertical oscillationen_US
dc.titleRunScribe Sacral Gait Lab™ Validation for Measuring Pelvic Kinematics during Human Locomotion at Different Speedsen_US
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