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The transcription factor LAG-1/CSL plays a Notch-independent role in controlling terminal differentiation, fate maintenance, and plasticity of serotonergic chemosensory neurons

During development, signal-regulated transcription factors (TFs) act as basal repressors and upon signalling through morphogens or cell-to-cell signalling shift to activators, mediating precise and transient responses. Conversely, at the final steps of neuron specification, terminal selector TFs directly initiate and maintain neuron-type specific gene expression through enduring functions as activators. C. elegans contains 3 types of serotonin synthesising neurons that share the expression of...

Testing the validity of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire in early Spanish adolescents: A modified protocol for data collection

The short version of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ-ST) has been recommended as an efficient method to assess physical activity (PA), but its validity has not been investigated in Spanish adolescents. This article, which is comprised of two studies, pursues firstly to test the validity of the IPAQ-SF in a sample of Spanish adolescents, and secondly to test and compare the validity of the IPAQ-SF using a modified protocol version specifically adapted to adolescents. G...

Systematic review of pragmatic randomised control trials assessing the effectiveness of professional pharmacy services in community pharmacies

Background: Implementation of Professional Pharmacy Services (PPSs) requires a demonstration of the service’s impact (efficacy) and its effectiveness. Several systematic reviews and randomised controlled trials (RCT) have shown the efficacy of PPSs in patient’s outcomes in community pharmacy. There is, however, a need to determine the level of evidence on the effectiveness of PPSs in daily practice by means of pragmatic trials. To identify and analyse pragmatic RCTs that measure the effective...