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Title: European urban culture, Javier de Mesones-Cabello's planning practice and its legacy in city of Valladolid
Keywords: Dynapolis; Theory of communities; Spanish urbanculture; Unidirectional growth; De Mesones-Cabello; Durán-Lóriga; Alonso-Velasco
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Citation: Ruiz-Varona, A., 2019. European urban culture, Javier de Mesones-Cabello’s planning practice and its legacy in city of Valladolid. Planning Perspectives 34, 515–526.. doi:10.1080/02665433.2018.1561322
Abstract: Javier de Mesones-Cabello was an influential and active planner of the 1960sand 1970s in Spain, who passed away in December, 2016. His professionalcareer as a self-taught urban planner was extensively linked to his academicand institutional activities. These connections supported the establishment ofrelationships with prestigious professionals working in urban planningpractice. In planning the 1969 masterplan for the city of Valladolid, in Spain,de Mesones-Cabello made several intellectual references to the Greek urbanplanner Doxiadis. This masterplan covers a relatively unknown example ofdirectional city growth in a European context. Myfindings elucidate theextent to which de Mesones-Cabello was influenced by Doxiadis, and thecircumstances in which these ideas have continued to dominate thinkingabout Valladolid’s urban development
ISSN: 0266-5433
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