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dc.contributor.authorLomba Eraso, Laura-
dc.contributor.authorTucciarone, Federica-
dc.contributor.authorGiner, Beatriz-
dc.contributor.authorArtal, Manuela-
dc.contributor.authorLafuente, Carlos-
dc.identifier.citationLaura Lomba, Federica Tucciarone, Beatriz Giner, Manuela Artal, Carlos Lafuente, Thermophysical characterization of choline chloride: Resorcinol and its mixtures with water, Fluid Phase Equilibria,Volume 557,2022,113435,ISSN 0378-3812,
dc.description.abstractThe study of deep eutectic solvents has increased in recent years. This is because of their great solu- bility ability and lower toxicity than usual organic solvents. In this work, deep eutectic solvents formed by choline chloride and resorcinol in the mole ratio 1:2 and its mixtures with water, e.g., choline chlo- ride:resorcinol:water 1:2:1.05 (water mass fraction = 0.05) and choline chloride:resorcinol:water 1:2:2.22 (water mass fraction = 0.1), have been studied. Several physicochemical properties (density, speed of sound, isentropic compressibility, refractive index, surface tension, isobaric molar heat capacity, viscos- ity, and electrical conductivity) have been obtained and analysed at atmospheric pressure in the range of 283.15–338.15 K. The starting temperature for the speed of sound measurements was 308.15 K. The effects of tem perature and water inclusion have been evaluated. The obtained results have shown a lin- ear correlation between density, speed of sound, refractive index, surface tension and isobaric molar heat capacity and temperature. Additionally, the viscosity and electrical conductivity data can be adjusted us- ing the Vogel-Fulcher-Tammann equation. Finally, the inclusion of water was analysed to check how the thermophysical properties were modified. These modifications had greater effects on transport properties, viscosity and electrical conductivity.es_ES
dc.format.extent12 p.es_ES
dc.relationThe PLATON research group acknowledges financial support from the Gobierno de Aragón and the Fondo Social Europeo “Construyendo Europa desde Aragón” E31_20R. Furthermore, we want to thank Ignacio Delso (Departamento de Síntesis y Estructura de Biomoléculas, Instituto de Síntesis Química y Catálisis Homogénea (ISQH), Universidad de Zaragoza-CSIC) for his contribution to the NMR characterization.es_ES
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dc.subjectPhysicochemical propertieses_ES
dc.subjectCholine chloride:resorcinoles_ES
dc.titleThermophysical characterization of choline chloride: Resorcinol and its mixtures with wateres_ES
dc.typejournal articlees_ES
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