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Title: Proximity Sports as a Sustainable Strategy for the Promotion of Physical Activity at an Early Age: The KIA Project
Authors: Barrachina, Valentina SCOPUSID
Marcen, Celia ORCID
Arbones-Arque, Irela SCOPUSID
Keywords: Children; Sport clubs; Healthy habits; Physical activity; Mixed methods
Issue Date: 6-Aug-2023
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Barrachina, V.; Marcen, C.; Mainer-Pardos, E.; Arbones-Arque, I. Proximity Sports as a Sustainable Strategy for the Promotion of Physical Activity at an Early Age: The KIA Project. Sustainability 2023, 15, 12043. su151512043
Abstract: This paper presents the main results of the Kids in Action (KIA) project, which aimed to promote physical activity and sport among children aged 3 to 11, by linking the education, sports, and family sectors. It applies the concepts of proximity consumption and the 15-min city to sustainable and healthy habits. This study aims to evaluate the application of the concept of proximity to the provision of physical sports activities from an early age to reduce the drop-out rate of PA through collaboration between schools, local government, and the sports sector. A mixed methodology was used, applying a survey and interviews with the stakeholders to identify good practices when promoting physical activity at an early age. A total of 147 children and 10 adults (3 family members, 4 school managers or teachers, and 3 sports managers) participated. The main results included the importance of introducing sport and providing adequate facilities, namely through guided workshops. It influences not only the actual participation in sport but also the intention to continue practicing it. It is observed that children with less affinity for conventional sports benefit particularly from initiatives such as the KIA program. On the other hand, the lack of available resources and the influence of sports culture in families are considered the main barriers. They are factors that harm the quality of participation.
ISSN: 2071-1050
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