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Title: Are Schools Learning Organizations? An Empirical Study in Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, and Turkey
Authors: Sierra Huedo, Mª Luisa ORCID SCOPUSID
Romea Martínez, Ana Cristina ORCID
Aguareles, Marina
Keywords: School leadership; School organization; Learning organization; System’s perspective; Sociology of education
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2023
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: Sierra-Huedo ML, Romea AC, Aguareles M. Are Schools Learning Organizations? An Empirical Study in Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, and Turkey. Social Sciences. 2023; 12(9):495.
Abstract: The aim of this empirical research, which is the first phase of an Erasmus project, is to analyze how educational institutions are configured, as learning organizations, through a systems perspective. The methodology employed was qualitative, utilizing prominent examples of schools in Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, and Turkey. Semi-structured personal interviews were conducted with experts in the field of education, members of school management teams, and teachers, resulting in a total of 63 participants. The findings reveal that, in all four countries, there are barriers preventing educational institutions from becoming learning organizations, including the rigidity of the educational curriculum and an individualistic teaching culture. Transformational opportunities lie in the creation of networks and the ability to share knowledge among educational institutions. In essence, it is necessary to continue working towards the implementation of a systems perspective in educational institutions, which, for its development, must be complemented by transformational leadership and an engaged educational community that is focused on enhancing student learning.
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