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Title: Spinal shrinkage, sagittal alignment and back discomfort changes in manufacturing company workers during a working day (Versión aceptada)
Authors: Rabal-Pelay, Juan ORCID SCOPUSID
Cimarras-Otal, Cristina ORCID SCOPUSID
Alcázar Crevillén, Andrés SCOPUSID
Planas-Barraguer, Juan Luis
Bataller-Cervero, Ana Vanessa ORCID SCOPUSID
Keywords: Low Back Discomfort; Lumbar Lordosis; Prolonged Standing; Spinal Shrinkage; Assembly Workers
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2019
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Juan Rabal-Pelay, Cristina Cimarras-Otal, Andrés Alcázar-Crevillén, Juan Luis Planas-Barraguer & Ana Vanessa Bataller-Cervero (2019): Spinal shrinkage, sagittal alignment and back discomfort changes in manufacturing company workers during a working day, Ergonomics, DOI: 10.1080/00140139.2019.1672896
Abstract: Prolonged standing and lifting heavy loads are risk factors for the appearance of low back pain in work. The aim of this study was to observe changes in the height, spinal sagittal alignment, and the lumbar and dorsal discomfort perception in assembly line workers. Cross-sectional study, 40 assembly line workers (6 females). Height, sitting height, grades of thoracic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis and perceived spine discomfort, before and after the working day, were determined. Thoracic and lumbar sagittal alignment was compared between discomfort developers and no developers. There was a significant decrease in the height and sitting height of the workers at the end of the day. Thoracic and lumbar curvature increased significantly, as did the perceived lumbar discomfort. Workers on the assembly line, in a prolonged standing work, suffer an increase in lumbar discomfort, and changes in height and thoracic and lumbar curvatures. Practitioner summary: Spinal shrinkage, sagittal alignment and back discomfort (upper and lower back), were analysed in assembly line workers in prolonged standing during a workday. Assembly line workers suffer a decrease in height, an increase in their thoracic and lumbar curvature, and in lumbar discomfort throughout their workday.
ISSN: 0014-0139
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