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Title: Planning Mobility on Transboundary Shrinking Towns
Authors: Alfaya, Luciano SCOPUSID
Muniz, Patricia SCOPUSID
Wilkes, David SCOPUSID
Martinez, Antia SCOPUSID
Fernandez, Camilo SCOPUSID
Keywords: Galicia; Portugal; Strategic Planning Mobility; Transboundary; Urban Planning; Urban Recycling; Urban Tools
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: IGI Global
Citation: Alfaya, Luciano,et al. "Planning Mobility on Transboundary Shrinking Towns." IJEPR vol.9, no.4 2020: pp.61-77.
Abstract: Mobility plans have become an essential instrument for the urban planning of cities. Compared to other documents and by focusing on the improvement of public spaces, these plans can work as strategic documents for cities of diverse scales, especially in municipalities that decrease and consequentially cannot trust their reorganization to new developments. This article poses the double objective of assessing the differences between proximity planning in five plans carried out in small-size Spanish municipalities, and spatial planning in the Galicia-North of Portugal transboundary plan. To this end, the results of the surveys carried out and the origin-destination matrixes are analyzed, looking closely at the similarities obtained between the digital and the on-site data. Therefore, it is possible to confirm that the digital data is useful regarding urban planning for territories with dispersed population, even where two countries are involved.
ISSN: 2160-9918
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