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dc.contributor.authorRiccio, Jennifer-
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dc.contributor.authorRocher, Sara-
dc.contributor.authorMartinez-Mateu, Laura-
dc.contributor.authorLaguna, Pablo-
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dc.contributor.authorLaguna, Pablo-
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dc.contributor.authorGuillem, Maria S-
dc.contributor.authorInvers‑Rubio, Eric-
dc.description.abstractAtrial fibrosis plays a key role in the initiation and progression of atrial fibrillation (AF). Atrial fibrosis is typically identified by a peak-to-peak amplitude of bipolar electrograms (b-EGMs) lower than 0.5 mV, which may be considered as ablation targets. Nevertheless, this approach disregards signal spatiotemporal information and b-EGM sensitivity to catheter orientation. To overcome these limitations, we propose the dominant-to-remaining eigenvalue dominance ratio (EIGDR) of unipolar electrograms (u-EGMs) within neighbor electrode cliques as a waveform dispersion measure, hypothesizing that it is correlated with the presence of fibrosis. A simulated 2D tissue with a fibrosis patch was used for validation. We computed EIGDR maps from both original and time-aligned u-EGMs, denoted as R and RA , respectively, also mapping the gain in eigenvalue concentration obtained by the alignment, ΔRA . The performance of each map in detecting fibrosis was evaluated in scenarios including noise and variable electrode-tissue distance. Best results were achieved by RA , reaching 94% detection accuracy, versus the 86% of b-EGMs voltage maps. The proposed strategy was also tested in real u-EGMs from fibrotic and non-fibrotic areas over 3D electroanatomical maps, supporting the ability of the EIGDRs as fibrosis markers, encouraging further studies to confirm their translation to clinical settingsen_US
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dc.subjectAtrial fibrosisen_US
dc.subjectAtrial fibrillation (AF)en_US
dc.subjectBipolar electrograms (b-EGMs)en_US
dc.subjectEigenvalue dominance ratio (EIGDR)en_US
dc.subjectUnipolar electrograms (u-EGMs)en_US
dc.titleAtrial fibrosis identification with unipolar electrogram eigenvalue distribution analysis in multi‑electrode arraysen_US
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